Let your dog happy :)

Publicado em : 29/09/2016

Having a pet dog is not that easy, as there are a lot of care that needs to be taken when caring for this little canine life, so many tips are imperative for your puppy to be very happy in your home. And when we talk about everything about dogs, we always talk about cleaning the animal.

It is also important to be careful when taking it to the pet shop. Try to observe during the toss if the scissors and the blade are properly sanitized, clean and in good condition. When the puppy is brushed, see if the brush is clean as well, finding out if it has no one at all, because the fungi that are there cause mycoses. The dryer should not point to the eyes of the pet, and should be 30 cm away from the animal.

Know that you should clean the puppy's ears very well. To prevent inflammation, you need to remove ear hairs at least once a month. A very interesting tip for bath time is that you wipe the excess wax weekly and put a headset or cotton ball firmly in the ear of the puppy.



First aid kit for those who have pets at home.

For all who have a pet indoors, it is always good to have a first aid kit for emergencies. You can either set up your own kit, buy each piece individually, or buy pet kits that are offered in the market.

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How to choose a name for your cat

Avoid names that sound like commands
When choosing a name for your new animal, choose one that does not sound like a common command. Animals rely on the "sounds like" instead of "means" when they try to understand what we are communicating to them.

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Is your dog stressed out?

Dogs, like us humans, can suffer from stress. Many people may be wondering: How will I find out if my dog is stressed or not? It may seem strange to many, however, dogs clearly demonstrate when they are experiencing stress.

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Cats and Children: Choosing the right cat for the right child at the right time.

Bringing a cat home with children requires some parental care. I always find unhappy owners, or more commonly an unhappy cat that was brought to the family for all the wrong reasons.

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How to make your cat use the scratch remover.

You do not need to show a cat how to use a scratcher - they already know!

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Meet Pugs and fall in love with this breed.

Pug is an excellent companion dog, has a gentle, docile and friendly behavior.

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Does your kitten look too tired? It can be anemia!

Ela diminui a quantidade de hemácias que são as células vermelhas do sangue, deixando o animal indisposto, com falta de apetite e com as mucosas pálidas.

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Adopted a dog and want to change his name?

Veja o que fazer!

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Dogs can detect lung cancer

Dogs can detect lung cancer with their sense of smell, study suggests.

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Dogs are able to feel and express jealousy says study

An experiment with 36 puppies showed that animals feel threatened when they are 'traded' by other animals.

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