The Market

Aquaculture represents one of the fastest growing food producing sectors in the world. In 2005, according to the FAO's Department of Fisheries (Food and Agriculture Organization), global aquaculture production was 48 million tons, expected to reach 50 million in 2010, in Brazil the production was 257.8 thousand tons. In the international context Brazil is inserted as a country with great potential for fish farming, having a vast territory and excellent climatic conditions. At the turn of the next decade, many aquatic species will be in a smaller assortment, as the demand for high and low value species increases due to increasing populations, living standards, and available incomes.

The potential of aquaculture to meet food security challenges is clearly demonstrated by the rapid expansion of the sector, which has grown at an average annual rate of almost 10 percent since 1985. This increase in aquaculture production has led to the emergence of intensive farming techniques that utilize High population densities, and as a consequence also problems related to management stress. Faced with this reality, it is clear the need to use good quality food that provides the necessary supply of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals, with the capacity to maintain fish health, good growth and resistance to diseases.

Whichever side you look at the Pet Food market, the prospects are quite encouraging. Both the domestic market and the external market have great potential for growth, especially the second, since the food export segment is still very little explored by Brazilian companies. This market has been extremely attractive and has had, over the last ten years, a very significant and consistent growth, generating an increase in the sales volume of almost all companies.

With this major growth in the segment of complete and balanced food for dogs and cats, as well as the development of fish farming and its requirement for efficient fish feed products, the extrusion cooking system has gained its place in production because of its large Versatility, high thermodynamic efficiency, low operating cost and low space requirements per metric ton of production, as well as adding specific characteristics to the final product.

To guarantee the quality of the final product, the need for greater care in the production of these extruded foods has been increasing gradually, from the purchase of raw materials and supplies, to the bagging and shipping, bringing to the end consumer products with all the physical characteristics Preserved biological and chemical properties.

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