Final considerations

In order to efficiently and dynamically service its consumer market, VB Foods Industry. and commerce Ltda seeks every day the improvement of its products, through technology of equipment and improvement of the workforce.

The constant search for quality is another important factor in the company, guaranteeing the safety of the final product. The control of raw materials is a very important factor in the final food safety, with regard to its storage and processing. Another factor that adds quality to the food is equipment and quality processing, providing grinding with adequate granulometry and homogeneous mixing, efficient extrusion, drying with minimal variation, and a proper cooling, ensuring the quality and stability of the final bagged product.

Analyzing all these facts we can see that each day that passes the dispute for better products and higher quality of production increases. Nothing would be a manufacturer of extruded animal feed if not for its quality and production capacity and for its work in the search for updated information differentiating itself in the market so longed for and sought after. It is therefore necessary to invest in more modern feed production technologies, more efficient, more reliable equipment that provides better quality products and less risk of bringing any problem to the animals that consume them. It is quite common cases of manufacturers who are required to bear considerable losses in having to compensate consumers who have purchased substandard foods or with serious failures in the production process. That is why it is necessary to use good equipment and an excellent training of manpower.

For several years, the feed market has been forecast to be reaching saturation level, which, as we can see from all the statistics and data of recent years, is far from reflecting the reality of the sector. Even the most skeptical have surrendered to the evidence of the potential that the industry continues to present.

Always focused on the three fundamental elements of the VB (Integrated Quality Program VB), Nutrition and Animal Health, Food Safety and Performance of its products, VB Alimentos offers more than commercial options. We offer security and guarantee of results

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