Production Flowchart

With all the raw materials duly received and stored, begins the processing of extruded food for dogs, cats or fish. The production process of these products in essence is the same, but there are details peculiar to each follow-up.

The grains still in natura must undergo a first milling, in suitable mills and sieves of specific holes for each type of grain. To reference the granulometry of some products to be ground, can take as an example the corn milling suffers first sieve 2.5 mm, which divides the grain into smaller particles to facilitate the mixing, making it more uniform and facilitating Second grinding.

The milled grains are conveyed through conveyor rocks and belt elevators to storage silos of ground product. Then they are weighed automatically via metering screws that leave each silo directly to the weighing pan, the same occurring with other macro-ingredients, such as animal meal and protein sharps. Thus they are dumped into the mixer, where the micro-ingredients are added, such as preservatives, vitamin mineral premix, among others.

The products remain in the mixer for a period of 5 minutes and again sent via screw conveyors and elevators to a storage silo above the second mill that will mill. The second milling is carried out in mill with hoods that provide good ventilation assisting grinding, since this is held in sieves of 0.8 mm, producing a final product with a fine and homogeneous granulometry, an essential feature of the extrusion process .

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