The Manufacturer

All segments of the chain must have extremely careful procedures for strict quality control. The raw material, when arriving at the industry, must be analyzed before being accepted to assure all the necessary quality standards for each product, like absence of insects, strong odors, impurities, high humidity, putrid odor, high indices of acidity and peroxide, etc.

The storage of the raw material is another point of extreme importance, which assists in the quality control of the final product. This should be stored in silos or in containers stored on pallets, in the form of blocks, away from walls and in a dry and ventilated place.

For raw material processing, quality equipment must be provided and properly reviewed for the proper functioning of the industry. These equipments consist of a set of silos, mills, sieves, conveyor threads, elevators, weighing scales, mixers, extruder, dryer, coating system, chiller and baggers, among others that aid in the production process.

Foods used to feed dogs and cats, as well as products for fish feed in fish farming, undergo a differentiated processing, the extrusion, which consists in the baking of the products improving the characteristics of the raw materials and with that the quality of the final product. The extrusion process ensures a better digestibility and performance of the animal, adding desirable characteristics to the specific product, such as buoyancy, for example, in fish feed, or even crunching and exclusive formatting for pet foods.

The extrusion process requires a good equipment, enough technique, knowledge and dedication during the processing, so that a standardization of products can be guaranteed. This standardization is a factor of great importance to verify the quality of the extrusion. A poorly regulated or inefficient machine can produce very expanded, once dense and brittle food, without uniformity and standardization, reducing the final quality of the product.

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