Drying and its importance

Due to the need for addition of moisture to the raw blend during the extrusion process to obtain the desired baking, the above-mentioned mixture or formula had a moisture content of about 10 to 12%, exiting the extruder with a moisture ranging from 20 to 30%, depending on the formula and / or the need for moisture in the process, making it necessary to dry this product.

This, when exiting the extruder through the die, is fed to the dryer through the pneumatic tube and distributed over a set of conveyors which will transport the feed through heated chambers with dry heat generated by a countercurrent system between sets of radiators and fans , At temperatures ranging from 90 to 140 ° C, depending on the characteristics of the product.

For better process control, the entire drying set has automatic control systems that adjust and control all parameters during this step, giving the desired end product characteristics. In order to check the total humidity and water activity, it is necessary to use precision instruments which, through reading, indicate whether it is necessary to increase or decrease the speed of the mats, the internal temperature and the airflow.

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